Tupac and Biggie brought back to life by Eminem

Ain’t this amazing?

After bringing back to life a teenager thanks to his music a few years ago, Eminem now brings two rap rivals Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur back to life in one song!

In the track “Running” (Dying to Live) featuring Tupac and Biggie, both rap rivals are rhyming.

The king of rap also used a sampled blues rocker, Edgard Winters, for the chorus.

The beats are built up with piano, violins and bass. A great and authentic masterpiece of work you can listen to on MTV.com.

Eminem is currently working on a future soundtrack TUPAC Resurrection which shall tell Tupac’s life story.

58 Responses to “Tupac and Biggie brought back to life by Eminem”

  1. RIP 2 dead rappers says:

    tha greatest rappesr r dead lyk Tupac, Easy-E, Biggie, most recent proof RIP. Tha Best Rapper of 2day Goes Tha Game then Eminem/Snoop/Dr dre then G unit dey ite. peace

  2. fuckyall says:

    all you fucking niggers need to just shut the fuck up, yes Tupac and Biggie WERE both sick, the songs made now ever though they are dead are great, be happy you get to still fucking listen to they’re amazing raps that fortunently were already recorded and just added to eminems own beats… its all phat… and for the nigger in here mad at white people listening to tupac you can eat a dick you fucking gorilla shut the fuck up… ignorant ass niggers shit

  3. Paul says:

    I’m dead
    I’m raised from the dead
    My bodyz in my bed
    But I’m up in hev

    Ever heard from the dead?
    Straight from my head
    planned way ahead
    to tell you what I said

    When they come to get me
    Bring an army
    An outlaw thug motherfucker
    Who can harm me?

    See you when I get up there Brother

  4. sfsfsfgsg says:


  5. Jess says:

    R.I.P. TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR !!!!!!! -1-

  6. mj says:

    yo jus wanna say pac was the best of all time. no one can even get close to him. biggie wasnt all that bad but pac killed him with his lyrics. ems the best rapper alive skin color dont matter im black n in terms of skills he be the best now but pac is the all time

  7. MIKE says:

    YOOO.. Stop ure shit.. here it is… PAC #1!!!!! im from the east but i give credit where it is due Fuck that shit….biggie is good but pac made him!! shouts to nas… 50 was over hyped cause he got shot and people think thats gangsta the nigga that shot him was a true gangsta im out 1111…..

  8. MIKE says:

    o yea em is aight but never will get the respect from me like pac Pac was A G Em is just studying the dictionary to much….hahah peace…