Cost of living, Dubai

John Kushiner left a comment wondering how far 100 dirhams will go in Dubai. Things like restaurants and food are much cheaper here than in Ireland. ‘Sin’ goods like alcohol and pork seem to have taxes added on, while most other things are tax free. There are also no income taxes here.

Money goes much further here than at home – taxis are extremely cheap, clean and usually have friendly drivers. Though if they know you are new to the city they will drive the longest way possible to your destination, though I guess the same goes for most cities. A bottle of water will set you back about 20 cents, which is a great deal cheaper than Ireland. One would think water in Ireland would be cheaper than in a desert kingdom, perhaps the economist readers can enlighten me on that one?

I took a picture of a price list at the Lebanese bakery I was at last night (quite drunk I was too). This was a fast food place so it is pretty cheap, but some of the higher class restaurants are still reasonable, in many of the 4/5 star hotels a nice meal would set you back about 50 – 70 dirhams, which is alot cheaper than Ireland.

Lebanese bakery price list

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  1. Traveller says:

    Dear all

    if I do not answer your question that means the answer is in the previous postimg.

    some of your quesions are repeated by other people so please read other answers and I am sure you will find the answer to your specific question.

    Many thanks

  2. neeti says:

    i am a 23 yr old fresher, got a job in dubai for 5500 dhirams. i ll be staying with my aunt. so stay and the main meals are taken care of. will be able to survive and save anything in dubai( bur dubai)

  3. Arun says:

    I have following offer.

    Basic per month 18700 AED
    Housing per month 5000 AED
    Other Pay per month 3800 AED
    Education Reimbursement Per year 30000 (Primary) to 45000 (Secondary) upto two kids
    Insurance 18 months basic
    Medical Family coverage.
    Leave 36 days
    Passage Air ticket once for family.

    My work place is airport terminal 2 Dubai. I wish to stay near airport in 2 BHK.
    I have wife and two kids (8 Yrs and 1 Yr). I do not drink and smoke. I am vegetarian.
    Kindly evaluate and let me know if the offer is adequate to survive and save atleast 15000AED.

  4. Ade says:

    My wife has an offer to work in Dubai,we live where its tax free and cost of living here is high.I a, thinking its same in Dubai can you please shed lights into this for ur.
    Thank you in anticipation of your reply

  5. Rohit Kapoor says:

    I have got an offer from one good its Sector
    My salary would be:

    7500 AED+1125 AED Incentive/month paid Quaterly

    Ther is no accomodation and I m single..
    Kindly suggest in taking final decision.


  6. max191 says:

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  7. surya says:

    I got an offer like this “Monthly All Inclusive Tax Free In Hand Monthly Salary of AED 12,000″ in DUBAI . Please advice me whether it is ok or not to live one family with one kid…. plz reply ASAP

  8. mohanan says:


    Any body advise me
    I got a job in bur dubai with 5500Dirham per month. I am a bachlor. Can I save anything by living with this salary in dubai.

  9. hala says:

    I ve got a job offer – accomodation+insurance+ticket+3000 DRH. Office job. What do u think about it? Should I insist at min 7000 Drh? I am a single girl. Thanks a lot for any comments you may have.

  10. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 3 days looking for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  11. Rohit says:

    I got a job in Dubai. My monthly salary is AED 4500. No accomodation is given by the company. will be able to survive and save anything in dubai?

  12. Rishi says:

    Hi All,


    I have been offered a job there in Dubai from RAK bank and I have to work in th IT divison of RAK bank in Dubai silicion oasis. they have offered me 12K AED per month including medical insurance and life insurance also.

    15 days hotel accomodation is provided at the intial stage and afterwards I have to search for a room by own.

    I am single at the moment and a non-alcholic guy, prefer non-veg foos some times.

    Now, I shall be thankful to you guys who are there in this forum to assist me frankly that whether 12K AED is a good offer to accept.

    I want to ask in terms of

    (1) Accomodation Rent – Individual and Sharing basis

    (2) Food Expenses

    (3) Travel Expenses

    Please also do let me know that in Dubai where I can get accomodation on affordable rates (which location?) and can i get the same near to my office i.e. Dubai silicon oasis?

    Thanks & Best Regards,


  13. Mona Karaoui says:

    Hi Richi,
    rents in dubai have gone down considerably compared to the pre-crisis era. concerning the proposed salary, it all depends on your qualifications and experience really – you can get a clearer idea about salaries for jobs in dubai on salaries section (will give you a useful salary bracket) –
    Good luck with your job search!

  14. lucy says:

    i have offering to work in dubai, the company give my basic salary is 1836 dirham, but the company rent for me an apartment. do you think is that enough

  15. Living in Dubai needs enough income in order to follow the flow and cost of living there.But I think it’s your own time management and proper budgeting of your money.For me it is not necessary whether your in Dubai or other places.what you need is wise thinking on how you spend your money.

  16. Fouad says:

    I am about to negotiate a package with one reputable car company in Jebel Ali. They are willing to pay me 4,500 us plus certain accomodation!
    1) I need to save 2500 us per month to accomodate my family outside Dubai (my family live in another country)
    Would 2,000 us be enough for me to survive alone in around Jebel Ali area? (renting a flat bachelor apart.+ car expenses+ phone+ food?)