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Suspect blogged about cannibalism

Monday, April 17th, 2006

If he is guilty of what he is alleged to have done, his blog might be useful to those interested in the mind of a very very sick individual.

I guess his first entry in September 2002 might betray a certain fondness for violence.

They say there’s a good chance of another attack of some kind tomorrow, (or today if you want to be really anal about it). Now I’m not hoping they attack, I’m not going that far, but if they do, let’s just say I’ll be watching the news coverage of it for the entertainment value.

Red FM blogs

Monday, April 17th, 2006

It went below my ‘blogdar’ as it were, but Red FM here in Cork seems to have an inordinate amount of staff blogging. Not alone that but it appears they are being actively encouraged to do so by management. Just a shame almost none of them have blogrolls to let the rest of us know they exist!

Philip Bourke, Martina, Viv Crowley, Victor Barry, Steven Cooper , KC, Stevie G- welcome to the blogosphere…and there’s a whole lot more bloggers here in Cork now! :-)

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14th, 2006

To celebrate Easter have a listen to Bill Hicks’ take on Easter and Gideons…


Not work safe either!

Some Bill Hicks (not work safe)

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Click here

Oh they called back

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

As happens with radio shows, they called back because of a cancellation. So I was on for a good 10 minutes. Good questions, I hope I sounded ok.


Thursday, April 13th, 2006

That stint on Clare FM put back to tomorrow. Maybe! :-)

On libel

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Dick and Damien note a press release from McCann Fitzgerald concerning libel and blogs. Could someone publish more of the press release? It does seem rather interesting.

What strikes me is going after the ISP.

How do, say Esat BT, remove my blog from their service? Do they block it? Could someone just not get around it, Google Cache for example? How does going after the ISP stop me from hosting my stuff in California? Do they terminate my contract so that I can’t upload to my host? Do they go after my host in California, do I then move to another host…in Russia?

It strikes me that this may be, as Dick notes, some confusion on the part of the law firm. Back in the good old days, lots of people used one of their free Telecom Eireann or Indigo websites, which amounted to hosting provided by the ISP as a free bonus attached to their dial-up account. It was typical of ISP’s to act not just as Internet Service Providers but as hosters of content also. This has practically disappeared, to my knowledge.

She did note:

Often a better option is to force the host or internet service provider to take action.

Then forgot that in many cases hosting and ISP’s are two completely different things. It doesn’t seem to mention hosting after that. I think it was here they then got confused between the two terms.

Things changed and now we all host our stuff all over the world.

How will legal action work now?

Sun ructions

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

I have been watching Sun closely of late, especially given their recent share price rise. In-fighting continues however. Ashlee Vance at El Reg has a good story on the latest. I especially like her ending sentence. Referring here to retired server chief John Shoemaker, who is being critical of Sun management:

Shoemaker clearly does not believe in the power of the Schwartz.

Hehe. Only funny to those who have seen Spaceballs.

Moving house

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006 has now set up shop at it’s new home, Irishcorruption will stay online until further notice, perhaps using redirects to the new site in the future.

I will be speaking on Clare FM around 10.40 in the morning to discuss the launch of

Podge and Rodge interview Sargeant

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

I watched it last night but a clip of it is now on YouTube:

Via Limerick Blogger.

Arabic phrase of the day

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Masaa’ al-khayr = Good evening/afternoon

Off the shelf

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

I had a listen to Off the Shelf yesterday, where they were reviewing Darwin’s Legacy by John Dupré. A really fascinating 30 minute discussion on creationism and evolution. Professor David McConnell, philosophy lecturer Fr. Brendan Purcell and presenter Andy O’Mahony are well worth listening to.

Listen here with Realplayer.

Podge and Rodge videos

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Given their insane popularity, why can I not find videos of Podge and Rodge’s new show on YouTube or Google Video? I know the stuff is copyrighted but people upload copyrighted stuff all the time, at least temporarily. RTE could make a fortune selling individual episodes over the internet…

Update: Some have appeared on YouTube.

Gardai bug your conversations?

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

You are arrested on suspicion of something. You are at the Garda station. After your questioning you ask to speak to your solicitor in private. You have a relationship with your solicitor that is entirely confidential.

How would you feel if the Gardai were listening in?

In my months of tracking corruption stories in the news, this is one of the biggest and most under-reported stories that I have seen emerge from the Morris Tribunal. On Monday John White, who recently changed his story in relation to other allegations has now further alleged that it is a widespread practice for Gardai to bug interview rooms. Now let’s take it that he is not wholly reliable given his change of story in relation to another matter. Even with that this warrants a closer look.

I’m going to quote the story from today’s Irish Times.

The chairman, Mr Justice Frederick Morris, asked if the Letterkenny bugging was not an isolated incident and he replied: “No, not by any means.” On May 17th, 2001, his allegations of bugging appeared in a newspaper.

Mr Justice Morris asked why he made arrangements and orchestrated the fact that it was going to be published. What was his objective?

“My objective was to show this was going on,” Det Sgt White said. ” It had been kept secret for so long and I found that AC Carty was up in Donegal investigating matters but he had been entirely selective and what I told him was, if you are going to investigate everything in Donegal, why not investigate the bugging at the Garda station as well and he totally cut me short on that.

“I suppose in a way it was my way of getting back at AC Carty because he was covering it and hiding it,” he added.

Mr Justice Morris asked if there was nobody else to whom he could have brought this information. “You were aware that something basically very improper was going on, that they were bugging solicitors’ interviews and you were aware that not only was it happening in this instance but was happening, if you like, nationwide,” he said.

He said Det Sgt White could have broadcast it to the public or gone to his higher authority with this scandalous information. Why he did not report it in a formal manner to maybe the commissioner? Why did he not bring it to the notice of the people who should know about it?

“Because they all knew about it,” Det Sgt White said. Asked why he went public with it, he replied it was to get it out in the public arena and have a full investigation. He resented Mr Carty for what he had done and the improper manner in which he had treated him and set him up.

There was no point in going above Mr Carty or past him because who else could he go to, he asked. “At that stage my career was ruined anyway and was wrongfully ruined,” Det Sgt White said.

Asked if there was an element of retaliation, he said: “There was yes, but it was the truth.”

Det Sgt White said after his arrest over allegations, by Bernard Conlon, he went to see then chief superintendent Dermot Jennings in March 2001, and told him he was not guilty. Mr Jennings said he could not help.

There are lots of reasons for us not to believe John White entirely. However his allegations are enormous.

Not only does he say that bugging interview rooms is widespread, he says told the Assistant Commissioner about it and was ignored. Not just ignored, but, he alleges, that Carty covered it up and hid it, choosing not to investigate it. If the allegation were true, there are lots of reasons to believe that Carty would definately not have wanted to open that can of worms.

How many laws would bugging interview rooms break? What constitutional rights would it infringe upon? The damage to the Gardai, the Judiciary, the legal system, would be enormous.

Unfortunately it seems that no one, save perhaps the Morris Tribunal (who will limit it to Donegal) will investigate it. Reading the words of Judge Morris it seems even he was surprised that the practice was ‘nationwide’.

Arabic phrase of the day

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Bukra Insha’allah! = Tomorrow, if God wills it