Last post of 2002

These will be my last entries of this year. Going by my server logs it seems I have built up a small but loyal following, who regularly visit my site. As of yet I have not been contacted by anyone – LOL not sure if thats a good or bad thing. I will be away in the Middle East for the next 10 days, but i hope to be able to update my site from there. Im gonna burn a CD with Dreamweaver and CuteFtp on it, and use a laptop :).

Hopefully I will be able to bring first hand accounts of any military goings on in the United Arab Emirates, it is a port of call for most allied warships, and staging area for troop buildup. Who knows, I may even get to Kuwait or Muscat or Doha or something LOL. I will also take a few photos and put them up here in the photos section.

Hope you all had a nice year, and will have an even better one next year! Regards, Gavin.