Romanians jailed in 'Minority Report' style

Top billing today is the story that 4 Romanian men were found guilty for commiting a crime they have yet to commit. Yes, in Ireland we are way ahead of the times, who needs Minority Report when you have the real thing here in Ireland. Because 4 Romanian guys were acting suspiciously in a Wicklow shop, they were arrested, charged and then jailed because it could be “reasonably inferred” that they would commit a crime.

This beggars belief, there has been practically no response to this in the Irish media, does this not set a dangerous precedent? Does this not demonstrate how racist a country Ireland is?

Let us be clear, 4 Romanians each got 6 months in jail. The judge admitted they stole nothing, but jailed them because they might have stolen something? I mean this means that I could be arrested and jailed for walking into a shop and acting ‘suspiciously’ – “we are arresting you Gavin because we believe you may commit a crime”. Straight out of science fiction.

The story is in Fridays Irish Times, subscription only, but may be on the news section of RTE too.