British citizens told to leave Jordan

I have learned in the last few hours that all British citizens have been told to leave Jordan. I have a friend living in Amman and she has been told to leave the country within the next week – as of the 12 February. This has not appeared on any news sites or channels – I read most of them. Nor does it appear on the Foreign Ofiice’s site, or the British Embassy’s websitefrom Jordan.

So according to my information all British citizens, and families have been asked to leave Jordan.

I will attempt to gain more details in the next few hours – her email said that the terrorist threat has become too much – and that the ‘military’ presence has increased dramatically – I believe that refers to Jordanian troops though I am uncertain about that.

I could speculate that it also about the impending invasion – which is likely to happen next week. But that’s just speculation.

The US has issued an advisory and a series of travel warnings on February 7 alerting Americans ‘to increased security concerns’ in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza

Interesting if it as serious a warning as I suspect it is.