Irish government secretly retained data

Karlin has a new story over on techno culture about data retention:

Data Protection Commissioner Mr Joe Meade revealed that former Minister for Public Enterprise Ms O’Rourke issued secret Directions for data retention last April when a dispute arose between the operators and her office over how long they should hold such data.

Apparently Irish telcos were told back in April 2003 to retain data on their customers, but to keep it a secret.

Bernie also comments on the story. As he correctly points out Cabinet level talks are kept secret for 5 years. But in another example of Irish corruption, Bertie Ahern, the Irish Premier wants that to be extented – to more than 10 years, much longer than the lifetime of a government. He cited concerns about revealing things about the Peace Process – but this is not allowed anyway.

Another indication of corruption in Irish life – I am so used to it – but I get no less angry.