Direct action is the solution

Naomi Klein is now imploring peace activists to take action – civil disobediance. Klein is always a good read, I look forward to her articles in the Guardian.

In this weeks piece she talks about the “voila moment” – the point at which Iraqi people turn against their leader. She is sceptical that the propaganda being used by the US will work, in order to achieve this moment. But her is her suggestion to all of us:

The civil disobedience the US military is hoping to provoke in Iraq is exactly the sort of thing the anti-war movement needs to inspire in our countries if we are really going to stop, or at least curtail, the pending devastation in Iraq. What would it take for large numbers of people in the US, the UK, Italy, Canada – and any other country assisting the war effort – truly to break with our leaders and refuse to comply? Can we create thousands of Voila Moments back home?

She goes on to say that the marches must continue, every weekend, that once war starts people should call sick for work, not watch CNN and not buy anything. This sort of activism is refreshing in a society that seems to apathetic towards politics.