Let's get on with the war: William Safire

William Safire writes a stinging piece:

But we should by no means feel guilty about doing our duty. War cannot be waged apologetically. Rather than wring our hands, Americans and our allies are required to gird our loins – that is, to fight to win with the conviction that our cause is just. We have ample reason to believe that Saddam’s gangster government is an evil to be destroyed before it gains the power to destroy us.

We are launching this attack, already too long delayed, primarily to defend ourselves. This is a response to reasonable fear. We know Saddam is developing terror weapons and is bound on vengeance; we know he has ties to terror organisations eager to use those weapons for more mass murder; we know he can bamboozle the UN inspectors again; we know Americans are terror’s prime targets. That’s plenty of reason to take him out.

Jaysus. Does anyone else feel more scared by Safire than thay are by Saddam?