Blair is plunging Britain into a crisis of democracy: Seumus Milne

Seumus Milne, editor of the comment section in the Guardian, writes about Blair and democracy this week. In relation to the UK’s idea of the six points of compliance, I believe he is correct when he says:

The terms of the ultimatums being cooked up for it – including a requirement that Saddam Hussein gives a televised confession of his mendacity – make clear it is designed to be rejected by the Iraqi regime and pave the way for an immediate US invasion.

Milne then lists the things that may happen Blair if the war goes ahead without UN sanction.

If he sticks with the US none the less, Blair will then find himself at the heart of the political nightmare he has so long hoped to avoid: facing a likely wave of resignations from government, a parliamentary rebellion that might leave him dependent on Tory support, an explosion of mass opposition in the country and the likelihood of a challenge to his position as prime minister. He would also be party to an act of aggression that the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, warned on Monday would be a violation of the UN charter and therefore illegal.

In conclusion he argues that in going against popular and global opinion, any invasion of Iraq could plunge the UK into crisis. He says of global opinion:

Those who defy it may find they pay a far higher price than expected.