Some interesting people a vistin'

I have been getting some interesting, and even strange entries in my server logs today. If you click on my sitemeter at the bottom of this page, and then click details, you will see some interesting servers.

These include: (twice) (The Pentagon, I believe that is their firewall) (University of Michigan) (Time Magazine) (Cisco systems)

Hmmm. And that was all in the space of 20 minutes. It is at the very least interesting, and at worst scary. LOL. Any thoughts?

Chris has helpfully made me aware of the many factors to take into cosideration when looking at server logs. I did not intend to be so alarmist! LOL. I guess I was just amazed not by the fact that it was the Pentagon – but that I could track the person to they very building they were in at the time they visted

Same goes for 6th Avenue, in Manhattan. Or to the University of California San Francisco. How do people manage to get to this particular site, among the billions of others? It never ceases to amaze me.

I am just constantly astounded by modern technology. I think in general people seem to just accept it, perhaps because they are used to it – or they grew up with it. But taken in terms of history – 2003 technology is to me amazing. I’m sitting here looking at my server logs and I can see where people are visiting me from, all over the globe.

And is it not amazing that most people (at least in Europe) walk around with personal communication devices? – an idea in the realms of science fiction even twenty years ago. Should write a book about this.

Anyway Im gone off topic – but I can feel an article could be written (by me) about this subject.