All going horribly wrong?

I woke up this morning to something of a gloomy picture in Iraq – at least on the allied side. The number of accidents has been growing. Iraq is gaining some small victories. These incidents now include:

Seahawk helicopter crashes in Kuwait- near the border with Iraq. 12 soldiers killed.

2 Seahawks collide in the Gulf.

UK Tornado shot down by US Patriot battery.

Reports of US plane shot down over Baghdad.

At least 4 marines killed in Nasariyah – more injured.

US prisoners shown on Al-Jazeera. Up to 10 captured.

4 soldiers killed in RPG attack on Humvee in Northern Iraq.

Journalists apparently fired on by UK military – now missing.

Umm Qasr still not taken by allied forces.

US soldier held for grenade attack on senior officers of the 101st Airborne.