Editing war

I was pointed to the site ogrish.com by Bernie – to be honest some of the pictures are sickening. As are many of the pictures on AlJazeera’s website. Of interest to me was one particular picture that I am posting for only one reason – its ‘sanitisation’. I will not normally be posting these images.

I will not comment on this picture, I will let you make up your mind – I am sure you can judge for yourself. The BBC shows the picture here. The picture is edited to remove the more gruesome parts -or maybe it was edited because of size? Whether they are right to do edit like this is highly debateable and contentious. Lycos meanwhile posted the entire picture here

What are your thoughts on me posting this picture? What are your thoughts in general on this subject?

Update: Chris Gulker has responded here – with his thoughts on the sanitisation of war. As Chris points out this is really an ethical question. Poynter has a good article on the questions one should ask.

Deborah Branscum has written a lenghty piece about the issue today. This include numerous links to debate about the issue.

Tim Porter has taken up the story here. Tim also deals with it head on:

Newspapers, and networks, should not withdraw from the need to report the whole war in Iraq. The public deserves the entire story; the First Amendment demands it.

An unidentified Iraqi man holds an unidentified girl wounded after U.S.-led coalition air strikes over the southern Iraqi city of Basra, Saturday March 22, 2003. (AP Photo/Nabil)