We love the Iraqi Information Minister

The new site on the Iraqi Information Minister that I blogged on yesterday is temporarily down. It proved extremely popular – and with good reason, it was hilarious. Its expected to be back up in 24 hours.

Note: from the webmaster
The site was so popular that 4000 visitors per second showed up from around the world and overwhelmed this shared server for over 8 hours until we turned it off in self defense. It basically put a 100 other businesses out of business for a day.  If we had known it was going to be this popular we would have put it on it’s own server from the beginning.

What started out as a private joke to be shared by a small group of friends has turned into a hit. Check back in 24 hours or so while the internet routers figure out where the new web server is that replaces this old one. The site consists of lots of bandwidth hogging pictures and animations that you’ll love once you see it on its new home server.