Andrew Sullivan cheers the front page story from todays Guardian, the next chapter in the neverending Dossier story. From a lefty paper Andrew? Im shocked!

To be honest this whole WMD story is something very strange. I think that WMD will be found. Sometime in perhaps mid August we will get damning evidence of the existence of a at least a programme, if not the actual stuff itself. But whether or not the WMD were there when Saddam was in power I will leave at your discretion.

But I also think it might be something of a PR exercise. Since reading Colin Powells take on how to handle the public I have become increasingly aware of the methodologies of governments. If I were sitting in the White House or in No 10 no I would take the following line:

1.Dont find the WMD straight away – thus not making it seem as if you planted them there yourself.

2. Allow the war critics and detractors debate the idea that WMD dont exist, taking it hook, line and sinker. Let them dig themselves holes.

3. When its least expected, when the detractors are at their strongest in the eyes of the public, release the evidence.

4. Lap up the kudos from both the media and public for being ‘right’ all along.

Just a thought.