Webloggers deal Harvard blog-bores a black eye

Winer is real. Winer is a software developer, but one very few software developers people have heard of: he developed “outlining” software for the Macintosh in the 1980s and claims co-authorship of a couple of obscure web protocols, which are too boring and unimportant to mention. Rightly or wrongly, he has a reputation for alienating people. Now let’s see what the cheeky monkey has been up to.

But on what grounds does Dave Winer, backed up by a small circuit of adoring journalists and fellow webloggers, have to uphold his right to fleece them for real bucks? (Sometimes the journalists are weblog evangelists and HTML coders themselves, which raises all kinds of tantalising conflict-of-interest questions we shall return to in due course).

Orlowski seems to be going past all kinds of reasonable journalism in his latest waffle about Blogging and Dave Winer.