Angry O'Brien angers O'Brien

Dick expresses ‘some’ sympathy for Irish uber-entrepeneur Denis O’Brien. I have no sympathy for him at all – in fact I think he should be fined the sum total of his profits from selling Esat – and you all know the reason – corruption.

Esat Telecom, based on all the evidence from Moriarty, as I watched personally for weeks on end at the Tribunal, got the second mobile phone licence by buying off Michael Lowry.

Lowry awarded Esat the licence – and Lowry got lots of benefits directly and indirectly from Denis O’Brien and Esat. If you can’t draw a line between a and b then don’t, but its plain and obvious to us all what went on, is it not?

O’Brien had no right to the licence, and got it on the basis of corrupt payments. The entire thing is a travesty, and now he tries to hold on to his ill-gotten cash, giving the Revenue and the Moriarty Tribunal a big ‘***k off’

Fuck him too.