A Caucus of Democracies : How to reform the U.N

Max Kampelman has a thoughtful article in the Opinion Journal/Wall Street Journal on reforming the UN. This is a subject fairly dear to me, as I believe that in order for humanity to survive we must come to some sort global arrangement.

Kampelman’s suggestion is interesting to say the least:

In order to advance the principles of the U.N. Charter, a strong Democratic Caucus must emphasize human dignity as an essential ingredient for peace and stability. It must challenge and limit the influence of the regional blocs that, for example, decide on the rotating membership of the Security Council and the various U.N. missions and commissions. Decisions and resolutions of the heavily politicized General Assembly–including the selection of states for commissions and other U.N. activities–should be formally approved by the Security Council before being considered decisions of the U.N. This would provide a safeguard for the U.N. Charter’s foundational principles and objectives. More difficult is the need to reorganize the composition of the Security Council itself to reflect today’s realities and not those of 50 years ago.