I am not a blogaholic, I am not a blogaholic….

Dan Drezner with a funny story from the NY Times

To celebrate four years of marriage, Richard Wiggins and his wife, Judy Matthews, recently spent a week in Key West, Fla. Early on the morning of their anniversary, Ms. Matthews heard her husband get up and go into the bathroom. He stayed there for a long time.

“I didn’t hear any water running, so I wondered what was going on,” Ms. Matthews said. When she knocked on the door, she found him seated with his laptop balanced on his knees, typing into his Web log, a collection of observations about the technical world, over a wireless link.

Ouch now there is a blogaholic.

Jeff Jarvis has more

I found the right answer to my wife as she launched an intervention. I explained that just because the laptop was on my lap, that didn’t mean I was blogging. This is how I read the paper. It’s the same as her sitting on the couch reading a magazine.

It worked.

You’re welcome.