Can information be lost?

Stephen Hawking in a fascinating interview on Newsnight tonight. I hope its available online later, I want to watch it again.

The story has appeared online here.

Hawking has been backpedaling recently on the idea that nothing can escape the limitless gravitational pull of these collapsed, dark stars. He now claims that some information can break free of their once-thought inescapable “event horizons.”

Long-Standing Disagreement

Hawking’s new theory — which he promises to unveil next week at a conference in Dublin, Ireland — may be old hat to MIT engineering professor Seth Lloyd, an expert in quantum information, who claims that black holes allow so much information to escape that they might make viable quantum computers.

Anyone going to see him? He will make an important speech in Dublin next week.

Hawking, Penrose & Thorne in Dublin
A major conference on General Relativity and Gravitation will see the world’s leading experts converge on Dublin July 18-23. Stephen Hawking is to announce an important discovery about black holes. The organisers have taken the opportunity to stage two public lectures by two of the world’s leading experts in the field – Prof Kip Thorne and Prof Sir Roger Penrose. Both talks are in the RDS Concert Hall, Dublin 4.
All details of the talks are on the conference website and you can book places online at that site. Tickets are €20 each (€10 for students).