Do we want the Turkish peasantry here?

Kevin Myers, this time spouting his outlandish views in the Telegraph:

Within the EU, Sweden and Germany have received most Turkish immigrants – and most of them are not the cosmopolitan sophisticates of Istanbul, but are from the relatively backward communities of Anatolia.

Young Swedes and Germans of Turkish extraction usually marry back into their ancestral homelands, bringing their brides home to Europe to reinforce the creation of an Anatolia in exile. In both countries, new dialects are emerging: Turko-Swedish and Turko-German, linguistic reflections of the changes of identity that are taking permanent root there.

A bien-pensant arrogance has transformed cities in almost every country in Europe. Immigration was held to be a good thing: to question it was racist. Provided that the host society was tolerant enough, it was assumed that the incomers would inevitably become integrated, adopting indigenous values. But the opposite happened: many European children are being raised to embrace loyalties wholly antithetical to the values of the states they live in.

They are not cuckoos in the nest, for cuckoos ultimately leave: the millions of Muslim immigrants who have poured into Europe are staying.

Moreover, with a religious culture that generally disdains contraception, abortion and women’s “rights”, the Muslim population will almost certainly grow disproportionately. Bernard Lewis, the pre-eminent British scholar of Islam, predicts that by the end of this century, Europe will be predominantly Muslim.

Even saying this would cause me to be shunned at a dinner party in Islington. For one of the symptoms of the chronic immigration syndrome is that the intelligentsia of the host-country refuses to discuss, or even permit discussion, of its long-term consequences. Instead there is much witless, liberal maundering about the unassailable virtues of a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-ethos society.

He sounds terribly scared…