Jarvis versus Newsweek

In a riveting post, as always, Jeff Jarvis takes on a column by Steven Levy in Newsweek. As Insta might say, read the whole thing. There is a great digest of current news stories circulating around the blogosphere in there too. Here is some of the text (minus links, yes I am too lazy)

This week — thanks to fellow bloggers — I was delighted to find a new Afghan blogger (who, by the way, writes about women finally free to get an education… you want to talk feminist issues try that one!). I found lots of new Lebanese blogs here, here, here, here (and even here) celebrating the possibility of self-determination. I learned a lot from an Egyptian blogger. I worried over the fate of Bahraini bloggers in jail (I think they may be male… does it matter?) I watched a blogger get excited after I quoted her on TV and now she’s appearing on TV (by the way, she’s unwhite and unmale and — here’s the real shocker — unleft). I went to an event in D.C. and met a blogger who fits a similar description. I became addicted to a new blogger who covers nothing but freedom all around the world. Thanks to a blogging friend — yes, unmale (but ungay) — I found a new page devoted to making money for unstraight bloggers. I watched a Muslim, lesbian, female, Canadian journalist on TV and linked to her. I linked to the most decidedly unmale blogger alive. I linked to a bunch of bloggers I don’t know criticizing big, bad big media and I have no idea what they look like, only what they’re saying. I defended an unmale journalism student getting in trouble for questioning very male jocks. I attacked two guys who appear to be male and white. I celebrated la difference. Oh, yeah, and I fought for the right of an unmale star to hug an unwhite star on national TV and not get in trouble with the FCC over it. All that since the aforementioned Harvard confab.

You want to talk diversity? That’s diversity!