Sunday bits

Cork County Council deserves high praise for their decision to buy and restore Blackrock Castle in Cork harbour.

The most amazing aspect of the project is the installation of a high-tech robotic observatory. It will feature two high-power telescopes, optical and radio. It will also include a fully equipped operations room that will be linked with other observatories around the world. I must admit when I read this report I checked the date to see if it was an April Fools. Such vision from a local authority is indeed rare in Ireland.

In today’s Sunday Independent Fr. Eoghan Haughey of that infamous family is talking about so-called loyalty at the funeral mass of his sister. Irish citizens will continue to suffer for many more decades because of the loyalty shown by Haughey to himself and his rich friends at the expense of his country.

Here’s the funniest quote I’ve read in a long time:

“Insulting? Please! We have done everything to please women. We even designed parking with especially wide spaces.” A male director of Tel Aviv shopping mall accused of insulting women with sexist advertising was noted to have said.

Anthony Sheridan