One way to protest…

The Muslim Council of Britain is someone I have some sympathy for, after watching the news earlier. The BBC reports:

When a well-organised group of hecklers from a fringe, Islamist group stormed a general election event organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, it was a PR disaster the organisation could have done without.

In chaotic scenes, the young and angry demonstrators stormed into one of London’s most prestigious mosques, denounced the MCB leadership, damned the prime minister as a devil and decreed that Muslims who voted committed crimes against their very being. Iqbal Sacranie, the MCB chief well known for his easygoing manner, found himself slapped in the face.

Some of the great and the good of British Islam looked on with utter dejection as what was meant to be a reasoned gathering descended into a familiar scene of turmoil and embarrassment.