Gillmor on Google

Gillmor has posted his thoughts on Google blacklisting CNET.

Could the original CNET piece have been better? Sure, especially by pointing out higher that this is hardly a Google-specific problem, that many other companies are doing such things. Was the article over the top? No.

And even if it had been more of a hatchet job, which it was not, the company’s response only shows that it needs more adult supervision. I’m surprised that Schmidt would be party to such retaliation, because he’s always struck me as an even-handed man. He’s a public figure, running a highly visible company that traffics in information, including data about Schmidt and the rest of us.

Some bloggers are calling Google ugly names as a result of its ill-considered move, as if it overturns the corporate “don’t be evil” motto. Nah. Google is a young company. We shouldn’t be surprised that it sometimes acts its age.