Google and Sun: press conference at six

Speculation is rampant. It could mean any number of things. My money would be on an Office-type suite, but who’s to say. I guess now that I’m a student again I don’t have the money to bet!

Google could be launching its own operating system based on Sun’s Solaris or Java. More on this theory at eWeek here.

Or Google could be buying some Sun servers.

Or, pay attention at the back, Google could be buying Sun servers to run its proposed Wi-Fi network in San Francisco. Google is bidding to provide Wi-Fi access across San Francisco – it is one of ten bidders but the only one offering the service for free.

The model of free Wifi is a sensible one. The rates some companies charge for Wifi is quite simply ridiculous, especially when the people using it usually know about how much it costs to put a wireless router in and hook it up to a broadband connection – feck all. In fact some are so expensive the provider would make their money back from one person using the service for a month. After that it’s profit. Crazy.

The Internet will be free, wirelessly, for my children.