Government 'not to blame' over €150m pay system

Mary Harney has come out and said that the present government is not to blame. Huh? Is it just me or has the current government not been in power since 1997? Can you really blame it on either your colleagues (Cowen and Martin) or blame it on the previous administration? Horseshit m’lady. Noted Harney:

“The real problem is the fact that in the health service, we have a jumble of incoherence as far as work practices are concerned, we’ve thousands of pay variations, thousands of rosters, many different grade structures and individual working arrangements,” she said.

“We had 11 different health boards: if there was any argument for getting rid of them, and many opposed their abolition, it is that this kind of chaos wouldn’t have happened.”

What a ridiculous load of shite. And going by the state of the PPARS website (one of the most backward and ugly websites I have seen in years), it seems that nobody knows what they are doing.

The question is, if the government is not to blame, who do we blame?

[Posted at Irish Corruption]