Google Apple merger

Some of you may remember that as far back as August 2005, I speculated that Google and Apple seemed like a good fit, and could potentially merge at some point. I was heavily criticised for expressing the idea.

But watching stuff like this really makes me wonder. The partnerships between the two firms continue to grow, and Schmidt hints at more announcements in the coming months.

As I said before, in terms of pure philosophy at least, Apple and Google share the “technology anyone can use” idea. While there are no synergies per se, you must remember that Google at least is heavily reliant on its core philosophy, as outlined in it’s SEC filing before it floated. If their aim is to organise the world’s information, I don’t see how owning or merging with Apple would interfere with that idea, in fact I imagine it would assist it.

This remains in the realm of speculation, but I do remember Schmidt himself, when the iPhone was first announced, jokingly speculating as to what a merged Google/Apple would be called. Applegoo? He laughed. Hmm.