Firefox 3 Beta impressions

It is a while before it will be released but I thought I would give Firefox 3 a whirl.

For some reason pages seem to be loading a lot faster, the text is more readable, both on webpages and the interface itself. But, all of my extensions are broken – I expect they will work once it is officially released. There is also a new ‘places’ tab on the bookmarks toolbar folder, allowing ‘starring’ of pages etc.

Overall it seems solid enough, including a new facility to specify which programs Firefox uses to open what sort of files.

I will test it on the Mac tonight and see if it works as well.

Please be aware it is a Beta 1, so it may break stuff.

Update: Zdnet give their first thoughts. They get the same impression, Firefox 3 is fast…

The download package is small which means that it comes in fast, the installation is fast, the browser fires up fast, pages and tabs open fast, the browser shuts down fast, and the uninstall process is fast and painless