Politics and Facebook

The Resign, Mr Ahern Facebook group, started back at the start of December, has just passed 1,500 members. It is certainly a milestone, and certainly the biggest Irish-oriented politically oriented group I have come across.

Following requests from members for some form of physical protest against Mr Ahern, I have put a date of Saturday April 12 out there for people to think about. I invited the entire group to attend, of whom 62 have said they will go, 156 may turn up, 348 people won’t turn up, and 1,220 have not yet replied. If 50 people turn up, I will be more than happy, but obviously the more the better.

I have the assistance of another member, in Co Meath, who has offered to help with organising any event that may take place on that day.

One of the things that members have requested is that it be apolitical – that is no hijacking by political parties like the Socialist Workers Party, Fine Gael, or anyone else for that matter.

I agree, any hijacking would lead to a pigeon-holing of the event as party political, when it is in fact the opposite.

While people who are protesting may be, and are likely to be, members of political parties (it is something you can’t get away from), but the group is composed of an interesting cross section of ages and beliefs – so all are welcome.

I don’t expect any protest that occurs to have any real affect, at least not initially. But I do see the point in doing something. For too long Irish people have sat back and complained about low standards in public office. Always giving out but never doing anything about it. Well what better way to spend your Saturday afternoon? Supping lattes, or supporting a cause you always talk about but never act on?

If you are not on Facebook, but are interested in the concept, or have something you want to contribute, drop me a line.

gavin AT gavinsblog DOT com.

The provisional date and time is Saturday April 12, 12 noon, Dublin.