Proximity Property Limited

Here is the CRO company printout. 2110765_11.pdf

First question. What involvement, if any, did the State-owned Industrial Credit Corporation have with Proximity, or 72 Amiens Street? Ah yes, the mortgage was taken out by Ahern et al with ICC.

Brian Cole appears to be an engineer, and also at the time a director of Building Advisory Services Limited. Kevin O’Brien is a former director, having resigned on June 28, 1989. Mr Cole replaced him. Solicitors acting for the firm are Kilroy and Co, Leeson street.

According to the Irish Times, the company’s address is “a five-bedroom dormer bungalow”. (1999) (It is normal to list residential addresses as company premises)

Sherry FitzGerald held four Clontarf auctions over the last week: a five-bedroom dormer bungalow at 102a Howth Road was withdrawn at £350,000 and sold later for a higher figure.

Here is the Tribune story.