Powell's endorsement

I’ve always been interested in the personality and politics of Colin Powell. As far back as the first Gulf War (I was only 10 at the time), I remember being impressed by his own oratorial skills. And I was equally shocked by his 2003 address to the United Nations – I didn’t believe anything he said.

I was not surprised by his endorsement of Obama. Powell has always said that he is retired, but I can’t help but feel that Obama may offer him a cabinet position should Obama get elected. It would depolarise some of the worst parts of the election campaign, and not just look bi-partisan, but be bi-partisan. I wonder would Powell accept an offer.

Update: Interestingly, Obama said today

On Monday, Obama said Powell would advise him if he becomes president.

“He’s already served in that function, even before he endorsed me,” Obama told NBC. “Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether there’s something that’s a good fit for him, I think is something that he and I would have to discuss.”