Morning papers

Irish Examiner
Ryanair vows to recognise unions at Aer Lingus
Ryanair has said it won’t sell the Heathrow slots

Beamish brewery to close with loss of 120 jobs
Beamish to close, move to Heineken

Fás spent €750k on luxury flights in five years
Not just Florida

Parents face higher cervical vaccine cost as relief is cut
Change in tax relief to mean higher cost for vaccine.

Irish Times
Record ECB rate cut aims to boost economic activity
Rates down to 2.5%

Embarrassing defeat for Government in Seanad vote

Monumental cock up

€40,000 for family of man who died in Garda custody

Alleged overdose while in custody

Molloy took 16 trips in three years but had a ‘problem with flying’

Squandermania at FAS

Christian charity is better than hot air

John Waters attacks the “secular socialists”