Biffo, Brian and Coughlan

Watching these three fumble around brought to mind a certain image. They remind of three drunken louts, staggering their way through Templebar, bumping into each other, into walls, into rubbish bins, and the further they walk the more likely it is that all three will, at varying times, collapse face first in a pool of stale Guinness, followed by their own vomit. At which point Ireland will be calling in the International Monetary Fund to bail us out.

While some may consider my views anti-FF, they are not. I don’t see much promise from the FG or Labour, besides perhaps Richard Bruton, and even Eamon Gilmore (his deadbeat speech was rather good). But these are only individuals, not their entire parties.

From where will the vision come? To say I am pessimistic about the future of this country would be an understatement. 2009 will be armageddon.