Morning papers

Business consortium bids to ‘save’ 2,000 jobs at Dell
Outsource to Limerick?

We must be ready when the global upturn comes
Coughlan talks an awful lot of shite

Haughey’s Irish solution to an Irish problem
Elaine Byrne on 1978

Lifting the tent flaps to reveal the warm air and half truths of Irish politics
Conor Lenihan sort of reviews a book on spin and Irish politics by Anton Savage. As ever Lenihan talks straight out of his arse:

This book is a tacit acknowledgment that our political system, far more up close and personal than that of the United States, is in good health and has withstood the assault of the politics of spin which reached its high point at the hands of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Tony Blair.

Government proposal to encourage working from home
Eh, maybe when we all get that thing called broadband, Noel. Weren’t we all supposed to have 5mb broadband 7 years ago?

Rail tunnel plan to go ahead – Dempsey
I’ll believe it when I see it.

Ahern and Martin at odds over Guantanamo
As ever, the Government talks out of both sides of the mouth.