Morning papers

President says Irish society hollowed out by individualism
She seems to be getting rather fond of this angle.

Senior civil servant offered to take €10,000 pay cut
But wanted to remain anonymous. Reminds me of this episode of CYE.

Law professor says Barr and Morris tribunals and reports a watershed
Not so sure about that myself.

Survey finds Cobh to be dirtiest town in Ireland
Ouch. And yes, I would tend to agree.

Dunne admits he could be insolvent
Irish Times follows up on the NYT story I blogged earlier.

In search of a husband missing in Georgia’s forgotten war
A good story from the WaPo. I was met with similar stories about the “air” in Abkhazia. My guide was a veteran of the 1993 war (and has two missing fingers to show for it), and he spoke lyrically about his love for Abkhazia, where the Caucasus mountains meet the Black Sea. It was he said, the most beautiful part of Georgia.

My only vantage point was looking at the foothills around Gali from a Russian military checkpoint just outside Zugdidi. In fact the bridge mentioned in the article is I believe the one I seen, although it was still standing when I was there. I really must write down some of the stories from Georgia…

Google Hopes to Open a Trove of Little-Seen Books
How Google Books helps the study of language. My best find so far is this.

Al Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota
Well done Al