Morning papers


State move to borrow billions will test standing of economy
The first of many billions. We might get screwed on costs too.

8,000 Waterford pensions under threat from collapse
Pension scheme €111m in the red.

Child report dismissed by diocese committee
Apparently the diocese is prepared to sue over the report.

High-rise areas set out in latest draft plan
Planners will refine high-rise policy.

ESB to pay rebates on 100,000 overcharged bill
Shane Ross scores another victory. Why do I feel like ESB are still overcharging though?

More than half of litter fines unpaid
Council staff writing off fines.

FF not able to claim Flynn’s allowance
The allowance she says she is “entitled” to. Hearing that word a lot lately. FF can’t get their hands on it, but it should go to taxpayer. Flynn can feck off.


In a Quiet Rebellion, Parishioners Keep the Faith
For 1,533 days, parishioners in Massachusetts have been guarding a church so that the archdiocese cannot sell it.

Prosecutors Want Madoff’s Bail Revoked
He apparently tried to mail $1m worth of jewellery to friends.

Twitter-Savvy Hackers Tweak the Twitterati
For anyone not on Twitter, the big news was the spammin’ and the hackin’ and the phishin’. Techcrunch was on it.