Media strategies

Something important happened yesterday. The Sunday Tribune published reams of information on the Anglo Irish debacle. Even if they published 20% of what the did, it still would have meant the biggest story of the past month at least.

What it looks like to me is a newsdump – while everyone is distracted with the names of the Anglo 10, and another Sunday paper published the names of four others, the Tribune published tonnes of important details. The intent is that the news agenda will move on quickly – and it seems to have worked.

Monday’s Irish Times barely mentions the revelations in the Tribune. Nor does it name any of the Anglo 10. The same will likely be true of all the papers.

So what now? The details in the Tribune should not be let drop from the news cycle. If true, the details lay bare the wholescale corruption involved in the banking and regulatory systems. We must continue to dig into this story.