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  • Ursula Halligan interviews Ahern

    I didn’t get all of them, but here are most of the questions she asked: Why is drumcondra so important to you? Con Ahern, he’s a fascinating character..? What is a flying column? How did he keep order in his house? He would give you the odd thump? Were you afraid of him? You liked…

  • Bertie and Dubai

    Bertie + Dubai = economic implosion I don’t think I can add anything to that.

  • Bertie Ahern – just commit suicide lads

    Back in July 2007 Bertie Ahern said people who talk down the economy might as well kill themselves. Fresh from a general election, the property bubble had burst, and we were on the way down.

  • Off with her head

    Anne Harris, writing on the frontpage of the Sindo today, displays a rather curious sense of outrage at the Irish Times’ page one story from Saturday. The Irish Times should be ashamed of itself. Yesterday, on the eve of their 150th anniversary, the so-called paper of record had, as its lead story, the fact that…

  • Bertie Ahern's wiki

    I didn’t do it.

  • Ahern's last day

    Endeth the grilling. For now.

  • The B/T account

    In case anyone is in any doubt as to why the Tribunal is so interested in the B/T account. There are a number of reasons. The main reason I can discern is the volume of £5,000 lodgments. The second reason is the two large other lodgments of £19,000 and £20,000. For a moment, forget everything…