Cringely on Diebold

So Internet guru and, I believe, early investor in Cisco systems and Apple Robert “X” Cringely has finally copped on to the Diebold story. Maybe I am being harsh, but the Swarthmore story was originally posted on Slashdot back in October, and I’ve been following it intently since then.

He makes some rather obvious suggestions such as a paper trail, which California have decided to adopt, and I believe is either in trial, or being used in Australia. He seems to criticise the media for not picking up the story….weblogs have, and weblogs are media – at least in my own eyes.

It can be funny to watch a story like this develop and never actually read about in any major newspaper, getting the major coverage it deserves.

Swarthmore Students Keep Diebold Memos Online

“Two student groups based out of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania announced today that they are rejecting Diebold Elections Systems’ cease-and-desist orders and are initiating an electronic civil disobedience campaign that will ensure permanent public access to the controversial leaked memos. You can read the memos, search the memos, or download the memos.”

This is huge. I think I will mirror said memos here.

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