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The world economy
A glimmer of hope?

Tim Geithner
Baptism of fire

The World Trade Centre
Slow building

China’s navy
Distant horizons

The new politics of Israel’s foreign policy
A grand bargain?

Poland’s economy
Not like the neighbours

Mr Ellison helps himself

Germany’s high electricity prices
Power to the people (at a price)

Digital video recorders
The revolution that wasn’t

A new world

Economist digest

Learning the hard way
Barack Obama may at last be getting a grip. But he still needs to show more leadership, at home and abroad

Say you’re staying, Mr President
Barack Obama needs to act fast to dispel the idea that he is giving up on his “good war”

Not so nano
The financial crisis may have strengthened the hand of the developing world’s emerging giants

Further into Taliban country
America prepares to step up its military effort in Afghanistan

Reflecting on the Taliban
Westerners are thinking about talking to the Taliban. It won’t be easy

God and Berlin
A referendum next month may import religious teaching into Berlin’s schools

Have combat experience, will travel
The Atlantic alliance at 60 is busier, and going further afield, than ever—but some members want to refocus on threats nearer home

Sink or swim
A deluge of new ships pours into a drowning industry

Connecting up
Online-dating websites prosper in the recession

The pleasures and sorrows of work
The oddities of the daily grind – Alain De Botton’s new book

The Economist Dec 11

Best of this week’s edition:

The Chicago way
The stunning arrest of the governor

Naval gazing
A curious blend of beaches, babes and naval bases

A hard winter
Political recriminations still fly over responsibility for the war with Russia

Collateral damage
America won’t sign a treaty banning cluster bombs. But can it use them now?

The Tribune Company files for bankruptcy protection

Broadcasting gloom
How badly will television advertising suffer in the recession?

Riding the rollercoaster
Six firms in cyclical industries battle excess debt