If Saddam blinks after Dec. 8th, its Gulf War II: The Vengeance

Dennis Ross is in the Post today writing about Saddam and Iraq. In glowing praise of the Bush administration Ross seems to be under the impression that war with Iraq will only happen if Saddam blinks. Maybe I am the only one that thinks it, but I believe war with Iraq will happen come hell or high water. It IS going to happen. Even if Saddam has no weapons of mass destruction, it is still the stated intention to remove him from power anyway. You’ve been living in a dream world Dennis.

Colin Powell on Saddam

Published in the Washington Post originally, this article appears in today’s Tribune. Powell argues in favour of the UN resolution recently passed unanimously. What I always find dubious is that Saddam using his weapons on his own people being put up as an example of how cruel a dictator he is. For reference to this massacre and the US response to it perhaps Powell should check how the US increased aid to Iraq following the attack, and was not exactly vocal in its condemnation of it. See Noam Chomsky’s Deterring Democracy for more detail.

Invade Iraq?

The Bishop Colin Bennetts makes some interesting point in his article on Iraq in the Guardian today. Regardless of Mr. Barretts religious views, I do agree with the points he makes. The British public will find it hard to accept an invasion of Iraq if Blair’s constant dodging of the issues persist.

Some comparisons have been made by commentators recently between Hitler and Hussein. That the pacification of Hussein, rather than the invasion of Iraq is the solution, compared to “peace in our time” as Chamberlain pacified Hitler with the Sudetenland. I am not inclined to agree with this comparison. Mainly because Germany in the 1930s and 40s was only a threat to Britain, and what was left of her Empire – the sleeping giant of US imperialism was only awakened following the second world war.

Fundamentally, Germany was a threat to the existence of Anglo-franco dominance of Europe. Iraq, even with weapons of mass destruction, dare not use them, the retaliation at least by America would be total. Even if Saddam is a mad dictator, surely in order to stay in power he would not launch an attack on any country. Iraq has oil, this is, as far as I see it, the only reason for invasion.