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  • Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

    Whatever the cynics say about X Factor, you can’t deny that often it does a good job of reviving interest in songs that otherwise might not have received the attention they deserve. The most recent example of this is the single released by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, a cover of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah (covering…

  • Bruce Springsteen sings for Obama in Cleveland (video)

    A video of The Boss in action:

  • Some more music

    Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra – Man, That’s Groovy. Something so nice about it. And isn’t Ms O’Connell stunning?

  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

    I went to see these guys in the recently renovated Pavilion bar in Cork last night. Some really enjoyable music, and it is good to listen to some ‘real’ music, with real instruments. This one got the crowd going:

  • Ella Fitzgerald: Summertime


  • Weezer's ode to YouTube

    I like it.

  • Musical interlude

    I must start adding more music… all time classic from the King himself here: And the ultimate version of Burnin’ Love, great music to drive to:

  • My reaction

    Long-time readers will be aware that the Mahon Tribunal, and more specifically Bertie Ahern’s role in that tribunal, have been a bugbear of mine for some time. Today, finally, we have the announcement that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will resign on May 6. It is welcome news. Mr Ahern spent much of his speech spelling out…

  • Some music

    I never talk about cultural or artistic much these days, probably because I have been dwelling on politics and corruption. I have a great affection for Irish music, I used to play it in bars in Cork, but have since gotten very rusty. One of the people I used to play in sessions with was…