Podcast stats

I have to admit surprise at the level of interest in my two test podcasts. I published the first 40min podcast on May 21, and it is now hitting 100 downloads/plays. The second was published June 15, and is hitting 70 downloads/plays. I’m not sure where all these listeners are coming from, but it certainly encourages me to do more of de podcastin’.

Podcast 2

Myself and Anthony put together another brief podcast. This time we discuss the publication of the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report into the Bord na gCon scandal.

The report is available here. RTE report it here.

The report was released the day before polling day in the Lisbon referendum. Interesting tactic.

Comments welcome.

Update: We have learned that the name of the overseer is Mr Dan Lannon.


Testing, testing

Myself and Anthony are testing out possibilities for podcasting. This test one lasted 45 mins and covers a range of issues, including DCC/Fyffes, Lynn, bank fraud and HSE incompetence.

Anthony refers to the Nacchio case. (His conviction was overturned on a technicality and a retrial is pending)

Here is the audio. It is a test podcast, so we will be tightening up on stuff as we go. It is strictly make it up as you go along!

Comments welcome.


Tribunal test podcast

Myself and my friend John Dennehy have put together a test version of a Mahon Tribunal podcast.

It’s about 30 mins long and weighs in at 39mb and represents Q1 – Q159, up to the yellow hair comments on Bertie Ahern’s controversial first day of evidence in December. We shaved about 10 minutes off the actual time it took to ask the questions.

Do bare in mind it is a test podcast, and we are looking for feedback. Comments and criticism are welcome. There are some small errors, but it is accurate overall.

You can listen to it here.