God in the constitution?

Not that many Irish people know it, but the European constitution is currently being drafted – if only they had known that before the Nice Treaty referendum. This article reports the arguments over whether the divine entity himself (if one does exist) should be, or how it should be, placed in the new constitution. Interesting philosophical problems seem to be arising! 🙂

Clash of Religion?

Polly Toynbee, a woman I have communicated with on a couple of occasions concerning her articles, writes a piece closely related to my current reading, and current line of thought. In it she mentions Huntingtons ‘Clash of Civilizations’, and the ideas expressed therein.

I agree with her to a large extent on religion, as I have done in the past when she discussed separation of Church and State in the UK with regard to education.

On this I am a little more hesitant, but I largely agree with her sentiment. Religion is a major factor in many conflicts.

Meanwhile I reserve judgement on her criticism of Huntington. I will discuss this topic at greater length in my upcoming Soapbox section.