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  • 1-1

    Adrian writes about last night in Bari, sounds like it was a good night: Forgetting everything I was ever taught about strange men in dresses offering lifts, we hopped in and to the famed beach. “Miracles happen when you believe in saints, lads,” he mumbled as he looked out, through his Ray Bans at the…

  • De Rugby

    Best of luck to Ireland today, though I suspect we could lose this one.

  • Ireland v Scotland

    Ireland made a poor start, allowing an easy Scottish try. But they have fought back valiantly, leading to an 18 – 8 scoreline at halftime. Update: Thanks to some great mauls by the Irish, the gap widened with some great tries. The score ended Ireland 40, Scotland 13.

  • Munster destroy Castres

    I did mean to post about the match on Saturday. What a great match it was. The atmosphere in Limerick looked electric. The referees were a bit weird – the tackle on Stringer warranted a sending off – but the ref made a hash of alot of the decisions. Top of the pool going into…

  • 419ers morph into Murder Incorporated

    The 419ers were discussed last week on this blog, but it now appears they have turned to more sinister methods, as reported on El Reg and Slashdot. Will anyone fall for the threat to be killed by ‘snippers’? I should bloody hope not.

  • Patch Day Takes Down Some Big Targets, But Problems Remain

    Micro$oft have delayed Service Pack 2 for XP again, at least until August. I downloaded SP2 Release Candidate 2 yesterday. I am impressed with the new more visible security additions, visible firewall (it actually asks you to authorise stuff, like ZoneAlarm), pop up blocker. The update page is also improved and simplified.

  • Ireland defeat Argentina

    As I correctly predicted yesterday, Ireland beat Argentina. A very messy match in Dublin, the pitch was in an awful state. But we won, but hopefully our play will improve in the next match.

  • Ireland to beat Argentina tomorrow

    Yes this is mainly a politics site, but its also current affairs – and that includes sport. Ireland plays the Argies tomorrow, and after our defeat of the Aussies :)) and then of Fiji I think we should win. But no doubt something will go wrong, this kind of success can’t last forever can it?