Going, going…

Is Oprah losing her mojo? Ratings are falling and her magazine “O” is not selling as well these days. The article contends it has something to do with a backlash after her support for Obama over Clinton.

I can’t help but think it’s because of all that new-fangled nonsense she appears to be into. It follows her cancelling her own show a few weeks ago.

Heroes in Cork

I’ve started watching season 2 of Heroes. I had heard much talk of Cork being in the second season, and god it’s bloody awful. The accents are woeful, the sets make Ireland look like it did in 1954 rather than 2007. The second episode shows a pub “The Wandering Rock” (whatever that meansan apparent reference to Ulysses – in Cork?), with dingy bathrooms and people wearing shabby dirty clothes. Jaysus.

I guess there are some pubs like that, but do we have to stereotype to such a degree?

Here’s hoping it gets better.

Paul Potts

This has been the sensation on YouTube this week. I caught it on telly last weekend, but it seems to have proven a hit with the US audience, especially given Simon Cowell’s huge praise for Paul. Mr Potts will go far no doubt.

Going by the various comments and hits on YouTube, we must be looking at the first YouTube Superstar – well over 2 million 3 million views in a week (now 6 or 7 million in two weeks). Favourited over 10,000 times. Some detractors say he had voice training, but how could you get a voice like that without training?

First audition: