Ireland play awful game, US guys make interesting conversation

On a personal note, Ireland drew in a boring soccer game with Greece today. We are in dire straights. Maybe someday we shall return to former glory.

Afterwards myself and my brother met two guys from Connecticut drinking Guinness in their travels around Ireland and Europe. Interesting conversation about that weird over 21’s law in the US for alcohol, eventually moving on to police behaviour and then history and politics (inevitably).

I was met with incredulity at my suggestion that the EU is becoming a power-bloc and may end up going to war with the US. But at least I was presented with intelligent argument as to why it will not happen, even if I did not agree with it.

I hope Ryan, (Politics and History graduate) and Brian (Economics graduate), both enjoy their travels and never have to work while travelling – like the rest of us. 🙂

Perhaps I should add more stories about interesting conversations – at greater length. Hmm

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