3 thoughts on “Why are Americans hated?”

  1. Hmmm, why are Americans hated?

    1) Because they are a war-like people with xenophobic leaders who trade in the politics of paranoia;
    2) Because of decades of destructive, interventionist activities by the US CIA in South American and African lands;
    3) Because of the hypocrisy of claiming to be a republic at the same time as they pursue an aggressive imperialist policy across the glove;
    4) Because of their selfish dishonesty in dealing with other states in diplomatic and economic matters;
    5) Because of their pretentiousness, unwarranted haughtiness, contemptuous disregard for others, and innate immaturity;
    6) Because they are, at present, an intolerant, crypto-fascist sate masquerading (ineffectually) as a democracy.


    (I can’t wait for China to push them off their perch).

  2. China,or Japan will push there asses so much off there perch they wont see the light of day…BIG HEADED SCREWED UP NATION THAT EVERYBODY HATES!!!…and we follow them like god dam puppets!!!

  3. Hi…I stumbled upon your blog kind of by accident and I just wanted to say, “Hi. I am an American. Not all of us love/like/want/support our current leaders. I am rather highly educated and can see the many, many problems that people have with the blind faith in this country, however…not everyone is that way. I also think you should know the vast majority of the people here are not in favor of the wars, the policies, and the actions taking place and to over-generalize as such is ignorant on your part. Thanks.”

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