Neutrality in a time bubble

The ever learned Tom McGurk has an article today on the controversial question of Irish neutrality. Besides commenting on Rugby matters on Irish television, McGurk is a skillful writer – and I almost always agree with his views.

Here again he writes with clarity on the issue, my views with differ from his slightly though too. I like (or rather don’t like) the reply from a reader in New York who writes

YOU DONT STAND BACK AND LET OTHER NATIONS DO THE HARD WORK AND SIT BACK AND DECLARE ‘OH WE’RE NOT INVOLVED WE’RE IRISH, AND EVERYONE LOVES US – WE’RE NEUTRAL’You’re a joke as country believe me – nice scenery, good beer, great people but you think your’e some kind of great power – you ain’t, you are a small insignificant island off Europe – a techno banana republic.Ireland today – Czech republic/poland tomorrow – cheap labour – but you’re getting expensive.Think about it. Sorry for the reality trip but that’s the way it is.”

This is the typical argument, if only all countries were neutral and then we would not have replies as unreasonable, illogical and outright silly as this.

3 thoughts on “Neutrality in a time bubble”

  1. that was possibly the most pathetic arguement i have ever read in my entire life. instead of criticizing the ‘great americans’ who,as predicted,are going to destroy our world, you’ve picked on ireland. you must be highly unintelligent and what is worse, ignorant. open your eyes. if every country was as uninvolved with other countries regarding conflict the world would be a much safer place.

  2. Mary … dotted those I’s and crossed those T’s with a bit of poison did ya?
    Political debate is a vehicle to teach and learn simultaneously. There doesn’t
    necessarily need to be a winner with each debate. A respectful disagreement
    with each party gaining a better understanding of each other’s point of view
    and hopefully coming to an agreeable consensus … even if its to disagree.

    I have no particular opinion on this matter except with the responses of the NYT’s reader and your response. As an American, I can assure you I will have nothing to do with the
    destruction of the world. Despite what is printed about us around the world, the American people are a very tolerant, caring, hard working, and an extraordinarily generous group of people. We as citizens [not the government]] give to various charities
    around the world more money then the GNP of many countries. Where on this planet would you see illegal immigrants protesting in public {and encouraged to do so} for equal rights and automatic citizenship. They obviously disagree with your take on American as do over 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants.

    The prediction America will destroy the world is just that, a prediction, a guess and not a substantiated fact. What will destroy the world {in my opinion } are such thoughts.
    I believe Ireland will destroy the world. Uhmm … Ireland is a member of the EU which is the first step towards a New World Order run in secret by the Illuminati. Of course I don’t believe that, but it is an example of how fast such poison can matriculate.

    Furthermore, I do not think Mr. Sheridan is ignorant of anything. He did his job and he did it well as affirmed by your fully charged response. The information is provided
    an it is up to us to debate it in a civilized manner and if you disagree, a productive counter point is warranted … not innuendo and name calling.

    In the last line of your response, you propose a beautiful utopian goal the nations of the world should strive to attain … unfortunately it is hidden amid the anger.

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